Aubade: when the pink sky beams...

When the pink sky beams...
I'll let you come to life...
You don't have to be in my dreams...
Don't need to be far away, 
You're always welcome to have a coffee 
With me, and write sweet verses 
To each other...leave our oldest selves 
Behind and become fresh again...

Like we keep our love a new beginnin, 
I tell you, you're my sweetheart,
And I'm always yours...
We don't wanna move away, not in departure..
We stay fallin, and not worry about a thing....

Cos when the pink sky beams...
Beamin through the prism of my window 
All my thoughts has your name written everywhere 
Wishin my shadow was you, you holdin me dear 

You're a distant galaxy...
I tried to reach for your open hand....
I keep tryin, and tryin...
Til I'll find my way to kiss your gorgeous lips...

Oh, when the pink sky beams, 
It will always beam in our eyes...
Heaven is pullin our souls together 
As ONE...💕

© Kai C. 4/26/17


Sex isn't everythin

Sex isn't everythin...
It's not, 
Love is....
Love is every big and small thing...
It's every other thing...
And sex, sex is good but not that good...
You see sex, I heard it's a wicked game...
Playin with the fragile hearts...
A bird told me so, 
A wise bird told me sex isn't everythin...
It's true, it's not everythin....
Love is better, more beautiful, more personal...
It doesn't mean I don't wanna give up my body 
I could find someone and have someone 
Who loves me, and respect me enough to understand 
This isn't about sex, it's about two people 
Who bond together...who stretched the bond 
Wider...and becomes stronger....
A feelin of warmth, of intimacy 
Sharing all parts of each other 
While we gaze at each other's eyes...
Fulfillin every nightly passion...
Between two heartbeats...
The energy, the fire, the quiet song...
It's never about sex, 
It's about the person who give you the most monarchs....❤️

© Kai C. 4/24/17


I carve a boyfriend poem

I carve a boyfriend poem
Somewhere he can find it...
I hid my heart in the surroundin
Forest so he can go and search
For me...I only hope he can hear
The echoes, I hope he listens to
My words profoundly...

Cos I want him to come and stay
With me...we can touch each other's
Parts...like the heartbeat----
I wanna read him poetry....
Every page is my vow....

I carve a boyfriend poem
In his hands, every detail
We can remember... I wanna write
Him stanzas just to remind us that
We're always be together no matter how
Hard it is...

I'll perform a spoken word
In his lips..I'll hush him with a
Passion...we could be each other's
Definition of what love is...we show
Each other, we will display our love
In a careful glass..

I carve a boyfriend poem
Without a rhyme,
I carve it on his torso
So he could see what I wrote
What my soul says....

Hope he enjoys every word...

I carve it just for him....❤️

© Kai C. 7-3-16


Life is special...

Life is special...
Life Is the trees, the game of 
I tend to believe the way we 
Exhale, how we do things in 
Our own pace...
Life is special...
It's short 
So don't waste time....

It's colored wings 
And wingspan 
And it can be magic, 
Can be some kind of wind 
That pulls you and push you...
Life is beautiful 
Is thankful 
Even when you carry your 
Unknown mistakes 
Your unlikable flaws...

Don't abandon it----
Don't lose it----
It's a twin siblings of 
Love and friendship...

And we're all life...
And that's extraordinary....🦋

© Kai C. 4-20-17
I wrote my wishbones 

I wrote my wishbones
All the way to you...
Hope you could read what 
My soul dreams....
My soul dreams of being with you 
Is that ok? 
Can my soul dreams of you?

I feel this type of chemistry
We share, this kinda desire of fate
That push our beings together 
In one spot...

I have hope we stood still 
In the sunlight, becomin 
Each other's sweethearts
For real...

I'm tired of writin my wishbones 
To you from afar...especially when
They're still trapped in those stars....

I want us real...someday...
And forget my wishbones then....


© Kai C. 4/20/17


My fingers really like you

My fingers really like you

My fingers really like you...
They keep dialin your number....
By accident...
They need to speak to you,
They need to walk on your skin...

My fingers really like you,
Really really like you
I know it sounds silly....
Sounded real silly...

I have a feelin
That my fingers claimed your soul
Like you've always been mine..
Like god gave me somethin to hold....
Somethin carefully to hold....

My fingers really like you.....
Maybe my fingers could dance with
Your heartbeat... Forever.....
It's possible, possible to know and feel
The magic, the joy and pain....

Oh, my fingers really like you....
They really do...❤

© Kai C. 4-19-17

What if I blog you a love poem?

What if I blog you a love poem?
What I post my soul to you?
Would you read it?
Would I make you melt?
Take your breath away?

Would your eyes skim me over
And over?
I could wake up already
In my deepest sleep
And see you, standin above
In floatin position
And my heart go nuts,

With all the flutters
I see what's goin on,
I'm dreamin again
In my love poems

They're always talkin
About you....
About you being with me...
Which is somethin,

I want to write you a love letter
About ourselves in every whimsical swirl....
I swear, I would blog our love story
Where we can make the world believe

In soulmates again....cos I wanna tell
The audience how wonderful person you are
To me, you're mine....

I blog you a love poem
A special webpage that has carry your name
Would you smile at me and that you wanna hug me?
I won't embarrass you, I just wanna tell the crowd
Your soul is awesome....an amazin person....


© Kai C. 4/19/17


We're the turtle doves

We're turtle doves 

We're turtle doves 
On a limb of our tree..
We sing, we loft
We've always been together 
You and I, 

You and I,
Meant to be soul nestin 
Where we feel at peace 
With one another....

I wanna be your mate
As long as I live 
I wanna fall in love 
Like evergreen...
Cos you make me feel 

Like we exist in this world..
And we're the only ones 
Who can see each other
Standin still, feelin there's 
A song in us that we sing 
And it pulls us closer, 

Closer than we did...

We're turtle doves, sweetheart 
We got wings and feet--- 
Love is somethin else...
Love is when we feel at ease...

We lift off to the full moon..
I know, my heart is goin wild 
Cos of you, cos of how we are 
We're turtle doves...
You make me believe 
We are...❤️

© Kai C. 4/18/17


A voice of Sara

A voice of Sara
(Sara Baatman Poem)

You see here,
Beautiful black Woman 
You don't need to shake your behind 
On television, nor online....
You don't need to sell
Your body, 
Don't need your vagina exploited 
For cash...

Why post your sexuality 
When you need to save yourself?
This isn't a body of art,
The whole capitalism wants to show 
All your genitals for gold....

Your body, your flesh 
Isn't a toy, isn't a game....
Black Woman 
Please know what we've been 
You see here, 
The reason I'm tellin you this 

I was force to sell
My behind on stage 
In front of white folks....
They put me 
On the spot 
Cos of my size, my weight 
My boobs, my big butt----
Black woman 

You are more than what 
You're worth...
You're more magic than 
Anythin in the world....

Put your body on 
Yes I know about instagram
And twitter 
And Facebook...
And Tumblr....
I may not be alive 
But I've seen what you're doin..

Nobody made you show
Your body on stage....
Shame blinded you 
All skin, all bony
And men mistreat you, 
Like hoes, 
And you ain't no hoes..

Black Woman 
Please don't display yourself 
Like that, 
Nobody told you to moon your tush 
In someone's face....
I can't believe my eyes, 
These days 
Young ladies wanna show 
Off their naked figures 
Instead of their intellectuals.,.
Like I said before 
You're more than what you are...

My legacy
Is not tellin you 
To be sexualized...
My legacy 
Is tellin you 
That your body is not their 
Government property....
Keep your skin cover up, 
Especially those creepy strangers 
You don't know....
Stop showin your ass...

I get madder each day 
When I see these little females 
Walkin in the nude...

black Woman 
When are you goin to realize?


© Kai C. 4-15-17
Memories in the closet 

Memories in the closet 
We have found where 
We were, where we went 
Memories in the closet 

The antiques we wanna 
Keep, thinkin we will never 
Use but to look at, cos 
It's cute...we throw them 
Away....old photos we smile 
And laugh, see family portraits 

We brought New York in 
The south...and then every 
Piece of it, it's almost gone 
Not quite, we still have 

The past pains, the oldest 
Happiness all in dust, all in
Tangle spider webs....
We have memories in the closet, 

The memories that we wanna
Remember, some we don't wanna 
Have flashbacks...so they put our
Ancient history in the trash...

We say goodbye...and goodbye is enough...


© Kai C. 4/15/17

Aubade: sunny days

Aubade: sunny days 

Coffee is served, 
Poems awaken 
I'm starvin for a taste of you...
Your lips is all I desire....
It's too early for wantin a kiss...
But I can kiss you in my own words....

Sunny days so bright, so quiet--
I lay here openin my soul to you...
You're not there, to hear this love note 
I wrote for you...not there to touch me

I wish I could breathe on your skin,
Rest my small weight upon your body 
Knowin I could kiss you all mornin...

Kissin is my poetry, kissin you is 
This written sonnet that printed upon 
Your heart....I swear our shadows are 
Always tangled up into the two,
Learnin a new thing or two from each other....

It's those sunny days
Are the lazy ass days 
Where we can lay and enjoy 
Each other's conversations....

We are lovebirds 
In our separate beds...
Thinkin we could be 
Closer.... than ever....❤️

© Kai C. 4/15/17

"I love you"
Said the girl in a wheelchair
The boy laughed...
"I can't love a girl in a wheelchair"
She asked why
He answered, "cos you can't walk and you're slow...."
The girl cries, and roll away...
The boy laughed, callin her a retard...

Now her belief
Begins to lack
She started thinkin
No boy will ever love her, cos
She's in a wheelchair...

She will never be a princess
To a prince charmin....
Princes want their princess to
Walk....and she can't....

She looks in the mirror and
Tell herself "I'm ugly and can't walk...."
Tears streamin down to her face...
Her prayers are filled up in her soul....
She will never able to change herself....

She gaze at the window, there are stars
Shinin in her direction...she makes a wish
And ask god to change her..so the boy can love

She went to bed, fallin asleep...
God is shakin her/his head...
This boy is not for her...this boy is
Cruel...but she doesn't see it that
Way...she has seen what love look
Like based on the crowds, especially on
American ways....

God could make a boy out of his/her flesh...
A boy who can love her for who she is....
Despite of her wheelchair....she deserves real love
More than anythin...he created an angel who looks
Like a shinin knight armor...a kind soul, gentle and
Witty boy who can never stop fallin for her....

A masterpiece, and sometimes a masterpiece can
Be a hard thing to do...when god's done with him,
He/She tells him go find her...cos this girl is for you...
This girl will always for you...then he went down to earth
Searchin for her....God knew sometimes the right person
Will come along and thought you're the most perfect thing
In the world....

The girl in a wheelchair wakes up in the mornin
She dried all her tears from last night...
Her heart is in a million pieces....broken...
Feelin she can't love again...

Til a miracle happened....
There was a knock at the door...
She opened the door and there is a boy...
Their hearts began to speed fast...
Eyes meet...a twin flame connection burnin....
She's speechless...a boy speaks, he says, "hi, I'm your next door neighbor.
I just moved here. I'm deliverin newspapers. And I've always wanted to
Meet you. I always thought you were beautiful."

She sat in her wheelchair, flabbergasted....
Her blush takes its peak...
Butterflies in her bones, this time
She finally spoke for about 8 seconds later....

The girl in a wheelchair
Falls in love with a boy...
The right boy who accepts her
For who she is, and she doesn't have
To walk for him...she just gotta be
Herself....and yes boys can fall in love with
Girls in a wheelchair...and despite of their
Wheelchairs, love doesn't give a damn about

So god gave her an answer and a lesson
By sendin a boy who loves her for her...
And not get discouraged by society....

1-2-17 © Kai C.
When we the people with disabilities
Tend to speak up,
Sometimes America like to ignore our
Open mouths..Like we don't fit in this
Description of this country....like our
Different shapes of our own bodies
Don't belong here...it feels that way....
And when we do speak up, standin
Our ground to the government,
People will come and say,
"You're so brave, you're inspirational."
There's nothin wrong with that,
We just want respect, we just want
People to treat us as human beings....
America forgets sometimes, they forget
We're here, loud and clear....when
We hear stories of dehumanizin our bodies,
Our emotions, we're outraged, we're hurt...
We may misunderstand but we could sense
That somethin is wrong....

We're not stupid,
We just know
We acknowledge
That America likes to hush our voices
Cos to her, we're not people....
We're retards, mentally broken....
We think America needs to go to a day program
And learn her address....
She could be ignorant,
How could a country make fun of us?
Bully us?
Keep our mouths shut?
Sayin this land is for the abled bodies?
And we, we belong in asylum?
Or in freak shows?

We're here,
Livin in our homes
Land of the free...
It's not free...
So yes,

America is
Still  closed minded...
Ever since back in the day....
Where we ain't nobody....

© Kai C.
A tree to a black body

A tree to a black body,
A tree told a black body,
I'm sorry...I'm sorry for hangin you
As your feet swings back and forth...
You can't breathe, your heart gave its last beat...
I'm sorry...I could of break my limbs,
Or crack my trunk...but I was too strong to crumble...
I didn't know what the white faces are smilin about,
They're supposed to be sad...not celebratin, but
To mourn your soul...I didn't know death  could be
A party...I didn't know your bones could be a gift
In the gift shop....America hasn't say a word, I knew
The truth....America doesn't like black bodies so they noose
Them tightly...the rope wrapped their necks and dangle side
To side...it's not funny...and I'm sorry so sorry the white sheets used
Me to hang you, like a clothin...with blood drippin all over the place...
Dehumanizin a soul that has fought for freedom...
A tree to a black body,
A tree thinks black is beautiful...
A tree believe it feels like a cross where Jesus has died....
For every different kind of tree
Keep apologizin for every black body
That has lived, that has exhaled, that has worked..
That has a LIFE....
A tree to a black body,
A tree said to a black body
White faces, white sheets put me up for this...
They put me on the spot..
And now I carry the guilt for centuries..
I regret,
You don't deserve this torture..
You don't deserve this shame..
A tree realized that blackness created love and harmony
Why pain, why scars? The evidence that the tree has...
How much sorries does it take, how many eulogies left?
A tree to a black body,
A tree tells a black body...
I have tears but can't shed...
Can't show sorrow..
Can't move to wrap my limbs around you
Healin the scratches they whoop you in...
I only stand watchin you die,
I wish I could peel my roots off the grass and ran away
Savin your life from the wicked people...
Cos lynchin isn't cool...
A tree to a black body
A tree is the saddest tree ever
Committin homicides by Jim Crow....
Crimes and heartaches....

This is what America has known for...💔

© Kai C. 2-27-17

What if I have to apologize for inkin the truth?

What if I have to apologize for inkin the truth?

What if I have to apologize for inkin the truth?
What if America forces me to say I'm sorry?
When I wanted to close my mouth and turn the other way 
I say what I mean, I mean what I say...
I won't take my words back, it's already out there 
You may burn my poems into ashes..Some people will agree...
I'm tired of this shit, tired of racism, sexism, ableism...
Why do I keep writin these issues? 
They're voices, they try to air themselves out...
So therefore, I don't need to apologize to America 
It is what it is-----
You may take my pen away, but you can't erase 
My honesty...
You and I both know what America looks like 
Behind closed doors...
America likes to pretend to be the most classic tale
When really, you keep oppressin people who are different...
You usually quiet us, you put us in the darkest room for so long 
While other folks go with their lives as they have too much money 
In the hands, in the pockets..
And the government has always been shady...
This doesn't surprise me, 
America doesn't give a damn...
Why should I apologize for the truth I place upon my paper?
I see a lot of true colors...
Even though people fought for us, die for us just to be free 
In this country 
We're still fightin...and it's a long fight....
And me, Poetry is my gun and I'm shootin the truth to your 
Cold blooded soul...
You can't stop me.
You can't tell me what to write...
I don't wanna write about rainbows and sugarplums..
If you think my lines are offensive, you complain how uncomfortable 
You are, 
I won't erase the truth, I put it out there and not apologize...
Cos the real deal is that a lot of people needs to wake up 
And smell the damn coffee...
You can give me a straight face all you want but 
I will keep writin the truth til my own last breath....

Get over yourself...
© Kai C.  3-2-17

Tell Disabled poets not to write about themselves

Tell Disabled poets not to write about themselves 

You tell Disabled poets not to write themselves,
Instead you want them to write about the "normal people"
As it doesn't fit the criteria, doesn't fit with the 
Society....ok I see where this is goin, I guess people with 
Disabilities can't read right....

The last time I checked, I thought I could write 
My skin off my skeleton place it on paper....I thought 
Arthgryposis could explain itself that she has nothin 
To do and I push her farther back into my own shadow...
Cos she has nothin to do with words...unless she comes 
And sit there in a poem....yet you tell me I'm not supposed 
To write about the challenges we face, like I can't write about 
How rude people stare at our differences...like we're in some 
Freak show, or that we belong to asylum......

Have you forget that we're humans, and we got souls 
In our deformed bodies...have you? 
Our souls want to scream out loud to the world 
That it's ok to be us whether we're happy 
Or in pain...we understand the difficulties but
Don't ever let them get in the way of our 
Beautiful dreams, beautiful prayers, beautiful wishes...

Cos I've seen people with disabilities out there and 
Makin possibilities.....
And you whoever you are, a motherfuckin ignorant no 
Compassion person how can you say shit like this to us? 
I'm a poet and I have a disability, and I will not listen 
To your fuck up rule....I will ignore you and write poems 
About things that matter, like people ask why we are in the 
Wheelchair, speech impediment, stares, mental illness, and 

You don't tell them what to write, when they're writin 
From their hearts.....what kind of drug are you on?


© Kai C. 4-2-17