They said they were too young

they said they were too young

Well he loves her….
She loves him….
Ohh they said they were too young....

Nobody approve this puppy love,
What do little sweethearts know about love?
Well it's possible they grow up and marry each other…

It's precious to feel each other’s beatin hearts
Through childhood memories..Through teenage

And as two lovebirds become adults,
The butterflies still flutter..
The connection still lingers...

The two of them thought for sure 
That they’re never too young 
When it comes to Followin the heart….

To me, I thought they were too youthful
To know such things as things…
But when I hear these rarest stories

On the news….it usually melt my heart 
To know all things are possible…if you ever 
Marry your childhood sweetheart,

You gotta be lucky and bless to have a 
Love so extraordinary….so magical…
And cherish the love that's so true….

I could only imagine how happy two little 
Young souls are when they're with 
Each other….

Even if they don't have a clue about love….
Cos their parents said they’re too young….
Just too young

To understand, to comprehend,
Within the souls are like super magnets
They have to be together….

No distance, no I miss you's,
They just have to be together 
But these grownups said no..

They said they’re too young….
They said they could be just friends….
While broken hearts shed lots of tears

Especially when folks keep the two souls 
Like Romeo and Juliet

But in their own version….

They said they're too young 
But how young?….

Well when it comes to true love, 
People will realize two souls will prove the 
World wrong…
They grew older and wiser
Together hand in hand 
Sharin their memories of how

They met in the playground
When they were two years old
And best friends in kindergarten 

Everythin happens for a reason….
You realize how beautiful and magical 
Love is….

So we can't really say, “they're too young”
When you see it in their tiny big eyes…
Innocently twinklin….

I said they're never too young to feel Somethin 
Inside their souls when your mama And papa 
Said stop feelin stop thinkin about that boy 

About that girl where you absolutely can't….
So yeah, I could understand cos as
True love goes, its never young…

They're never young….❤️

© Kai C. 11-23-14


disney idea

# disney idea

The princess

The princess 
That everybody loves
Everybody's favorite
She's in a wheelchair 
Brown skin
Dark brown eyes
She's a poetess
Her dream is to
Be a poet laureate 
One day written a thousand 
Thousand books of 
Love poems 
She has inspired 
The world to believe 
There is true love 
For everybody 
And she would write
These verses under a
Bright star that someday 
Her prince would read 
All her beautiful words 
That inspires him to love 
Her more...and the fact that 
She will be published  all
Her poetry that makes the 
Audience recite every word....
She will be famous to the whole globe
With her greatest writings... And 
Her sweet-golden heart..
She's a different kind of a
She's from the Bronx, New York
Her parents actually called 
Her a princess cos she has 
Somethin special inside her soul
That everybody just adores.. 
She's a hopeless romantic
 poetess....got her magical pens 
And lots of notebooks 
She writes poems about everythin 
She creates visions through each 
Lyrical sentence....she makes people 
To believe in soulmates....she is magical
Yet one day 
She will be at the spoken word cafe 
Readin her poems on the mic
Signin autographs at the bookstore
The princess of romantic poetry 
Will inspire all the princesses in the
Wheelchair and princesses with disability
They don't have to live in a castle
They just gotta be lovin and happy
Makin their dreams come true
Cos almost every girl is a princess and a queen..
Yet she will be a prime example 
All America's sweetheart.....
And yes...
She's a princess
Who has won everybody's heart...

❤️ © Kai C. 3/3/14


us in the darkness

us in the darkness
where we make love to each other
through velvet and colorful silk
of our everlastin nights
our souls have close in on us
like the sunsets
we clashed in our heavy warm embraces
we found the moonbeams and stars
in our lock tight hands
a love story in God’s soul
he/she still inks the moments
we have
the darkness becomes our brighter
daylights as we continue to witness
each other’s pieces
heaven falls on our feet
when we left our footprints of love in
the sands for only angels to see
wher we are
we’re in the darker shades of
hope joy
perfectly romancin our hearts
like stones and gems
us in the darkness
makin fireworks
catchin fireflies
and dance through
the citylights everywhere
nobody can’t find us
it’s our own secrecy
you and me
hidin from the world we know so well
but it’s without a care
we only care for each other
our love takes us into our own darkness
into our own passionate summer light
we feel everythin
bits and bits
we feel whole
that’s why we’re in the darkness
of love


© Kai C.. <3 span="">


We are drums

We are drums

We are drums of 
Our own heartbeats
I feel it when
I wake up feelin to the 
Bone I see us weak through
Strength knowin when we're 
Around each other,
The rhythms of real love 
Never goes away

I don't know if you know we're 
The emotions in flutters  
Tears flowin 
And oh I knew we love each 
Other from the minute we saw 
Each other the day I hear 
My soul has vibrates each joint 
Each pulse of my body....

Cos we are drums
Drums of our own heartbeats
In our chest
I can tell you feel the same
Way I do
I listen to your heart carefully
All the love I hear
All the love I feel 
All the love I have
It's in our hearts Drummin 
To the beat.....<3

(c) Kai C.



angels, my love
you see them
humans with wings
in the sky
flyin everywhere
i wonder if you're
one of them
one of the angels
who fall from the
thousand universes
came down to earth
and love me like
nobody does

 angel of a strong
brotha who loves me
he takes my hand and we
groove night and day
jonesin through
long hours.....this man chose
god made our souls matched
here we are

you and me
i'm not an immortal
but you adore me
fate has brought you
near me and we stole
a kiss in a beautiful bliss


us like an endless wedding
our unity is the private view
of loved ones watchin us go falling
in love over and over
never stop.....

you're one of them
my soul calls for you
in dreams and shootin stars

and now...

my boo
you're with me forever
<3 p="">
‎7/‎13/‎2013 (c) Kai C.


what if we made love at the beach?

what if we made love at the beach?

what if we made love at the beach?
near the ocean?
our moans would be in the hidden seashells
our organisms would break the tidal waves
leavin our bodies upon the softest sands
if we make love outside where nobody is
just us and the full moon in the sky.....
we would do it.....no clothes on
just nudity and gentle kisses
i wanna make to you
at night
like lovers do.....
i don't care i don't mind
if i get wet, or scratchy
as long as i could make love to you
at the beach
it would be so romantic, sweet, fill with passions
two souls rockin out to that summer breeze
oh baby
what if we make love at the beach?
what if?
<3 p="">
(c) Kai C. 6/30/13


Your hand on my lower back

Your hand on my lower back

Your hand on my lower back
That's my sweet spot
I feel so weak when you rub 
My spine 
Sometimes you give me kisses 
Knowin I wanna be held 
In your arms for too long
Yes you can never let me
Go....you can't 
Cos you're mine
And you have been feellin
Me up and down
Especially your hand is 
On my lower back
I know where it's goin 
I want you to feel my bottom 
And I get so red
All the way red
Your beautiful desires
I can feel them
In the flesh
When you put your hand
On my lower back
I got butterflies.......
Yes indeed....

Your hand on my lower back.....<3

(c) Kai C.