blue sky love

im thinkin of u
im dreamin of u
as the sun burnt my face with redness
little butterflies flew around inside me
i get the warm feeling of your presence
u r always near my heart screams
i want your arms around me so i can lose all of my weakness in u
to hear your beautiful whispers in my ears only to listen what u have to say
lovely kisses on your sweet mouth i do long for
how many times does the light comes and blind me ?
i don't see anyone but only u
ur my precious interruption
when the clouds roll by
rainbow shines upon the fresh water
angels float in our father's home
oh he said to me,
"u r meant for him always
u give him your soul in his hands
this is eutopia this is heaven"
i look at my window
lookin at the blue sky and to wonder if u ever dream about me too
cos in the summer air my thoughts of u is dissolving the fate
one moment i felt complete
two seconds my heart is whole
and just a minute i fell in love with u
i realize i can never let u go
please stay with me only a while
u r my blue sky love
cos u bring me so much greatest joys into my world
my everything

copyright © 2005 kai croft

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