love sweet love

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he gently lift up her chin and swears to God that his love for her is taking one sweet breath to breathe yet only seal with a kiss and never do tell ...oh he says "love sweet love my darling i refuse to give u the pain i disobey to give u the darkness cos i know your heart ur afraid its gonna break...im not the type of a man who gonna leave u im gonna stay with u as long as i can"
he caress her blushing face with his soft finger tips then whisper in her ear "believe me"


her weakness upon his eyes she have felt for him so deeply the power of emotions are overwhelm her mind and she speaks like a shy lady she only wonder if this moment was real
looking into his eyes theres a burnt fire inside her soul that makes the world so golden oh she thought for a second, love sweet love for heaven's calling your name my heartbeats been counted every minute he put his love upon my deep skin i knew he's the one for me and i would cry if he told me he wants to be with me too


copyright © 2005 kai croft

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