a reaching star

a reaching star

i find the reason why i fall into this romantic mystery

you came around and i started to feel the butterflies

oh lord

i've been sitting here in misery

hearing your name over over and over in my head

some how

i want to cry cos i miss u so much

i can't stand being away from u

got your pix in my album

only to see your face


here i am

just dreaming about u

you're like a reaching star

you're like the highest heaven on earth

only cos

you're far away


i'm so broken

i just wanna be held in your arms

i just wanna be kissed by u

i got the strength of your heart in my hands

hope u got mine

i pray for u to come with me

we got fate in our souls

we are meant to be


take my hand

i show u my love is real


here i go

making a wish in the violet purple sky

only for u to come and be with u


i love u

i feel u

i wanna be with u

only u

im reaching for a star

to light up my dreams

the darkness is all around me

would u break in with your sunshine?

would u make me leave all the heartache behind?

would u make me smile?

would u give me a chance to be your lady?

i let u be my man....

copyright © 2005 kai croft

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