the pink sky

she takes out her hand
and felt the rain pour down on her skin

she says "water from heaven is so sweet"

after the rain
here comes the evening clouds turned to color
precious pink
oh the pink sky
its very beautiful as she can see

so much beauty that God could bring
even like a rainbow shines in the ocean
and she says "i'm waiting for the constellations to burn my dreams and make the truth become real"

yet shes in love
in love with an unknown man she hardly knew
but why all of agony and sadness only to keep him to herself?

she dreams of him most times
sitting around in her chamber
writing sweet letters to him as she softly sighs

oh she wrote

dear sweet sweet lover,

how are u? im just fine. thinking about u...see how u doing but i know ur doing wonderfully..i miss u so ..........and i only have imagine what it is like if we went out together holding hands, would that be so nice? cos i think of us more than just friends.........i even wonder if friendship woulld turn into an attractive affair..yet love is real and powerful but theres benefits to carry on like spirits ........oh my heart is still broken i needed to move on though i cant seems to be getting over u baby please stop the lingering .............dont u know when then the sunset rising im all alone i need u and ur fond..............

that girl from the pink sky

she was an angel from God's eutopia
she came down with full of promise
awaiting for love to open her heart
oh nightingale moon stands
while jazzy music plays in the air
yet one reason to hold on the spirit
her soul fills with whole
and theres no better feeling like a sweet breeze weeps
cos how she feels was so real

so real in her eyes in her skin
she cant explain her ecstasy
blooms in the secret garden
and flowers will grow in the sun
all she does is dream

dream of him
her lover
everything falls away when hes near her

copyright © 2005 kai croft

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