Ur romantic poet

Ur romantic poet

Everyday I gave u my words of my heart

To say what I meant to say

To say I love u

Not just making u smile

I want ur soul to feel warm from my honesty

Oh want to make u cry for me in sweet happiness

Cos I feel u so

Im not lying

Telling u the truth

When ur here

I look at u

And I cant help myself

I only wonder what its like to be lucky if I have u

Have u in my life while the world is passing by

Do u believe me?

Fate on the moonlight

And I dream about u constantly

I know when it comes to feeling of butterflies

In my brown belly every second I thought about u

Like its nonstop

Oh tell me

Do u twinkle when I blush?

Did I accompany u in the light of ur day?

Just Cos

I like u so much

It hurts

It hurts like an arrow stab my heart

Yes dear

I wanna hold ur hand

If u don’t mind


I can read the lines of ur future in ur palm

I would say

U r gonna spend time with me

And then u agree

U say I’ll spend time with u

For the rest of ur days

To share u the diary of my poems

Make the words flow into ur soul

Then u be touch by an angel in the sky

Even like a shooting star gaze upon the night

I have wish for u only

Yet I say a love poem

To ur ear

U listen while my heart’s conversing

“I’m ur romantic poet

I recite a precious song

As the moon surprise us

And we’ll embrace the strength

Cos we are born to love

Within our hearts

So the light lingers me

U be my lover for a lifetime

Oh like in a flower that blooms

The honey is sweeter as u r

I’ll cherish u in every minute of my life”

copyright © 2005 kai croft

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