love is out side my window

love is outside my window
waiting for me to come and play

say u will accompany me
say u wanna hold me in ur arms

cos im only ur home sweet home
im gonna keep u for a while
and my soul is floating above the rain clouds
the sun burned the light in my dark brown eyes

only becos

u take my passion
and then make it bloom into a beautiful bouquet of floribundas
u kept my heart in the secret garden
where it grows upon ur water
u fed me kisses
now the chemistry that we have has made me whole

romance u share
i get twingle up in ur presence
ike all of a sudden
i've become ur angel

with my wings of heavens
i'll fly around into ur world


love is out side my window
it came into my bedroom
always turning into this pleasurable illusion

now i cant get rid of ur intimacy
its too warm in the spirit of my brilliant sleep

oh i keep on loving u so much
that i want to cry out my water

r u loving me too?

copyright © 2005 kai croft

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My swet heart ,,

It is touching my heart and feelings . I love u too much

Ur love