im sitting here
looking at the blue ocean floating by

oh i wish u were here with me

all the stars came tumbling in to velvet sky

while light house is spinning around the darkness

angels walked on the moon hearing all of my prayers tonight

baby i want u here with me till the sunrise echoes the silence of the morn

please come with me

im sitting here
looking at the evening turn to night

im all alone

but im saving my heart for u

its waiting for ur key to open me up

yet i can feel u holding me

though its just the wind wrapping my body

somehow i knew im gonna miss u even more

im sitting on the beach sand
watching the lovers hand in hand
leaving the footprints of bittersweet memories behind
while heaven knows their names

wishing they knows mine

cos i wanna be like those cute couples who can naturally fall in love

yet im falling in love with u

then why am i so alone?

im suppose to be with u my dear

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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