i'm climbing a rainbow

i’m climbing a rainbow

i’m climbing a rainbow to get to u
i’m jumping over the pillow clouds to fall in ur arms
i’m glowing upon the sunlight cos of ur sweet love

kiss me is all u want to do
but i disguise my own complexion from ur vision

cos my life is too coy
and ur just perfect to me

so here i am

living in another heaven with u

oh my sweet baby

im still drowning in the april showers

while the sky is fill with beautiful colors

some how

i‘m climbing a rainbow for u only u
i’m drenching my heart beats to urs
im floating in the billionth of silvery milky ways

i may be an angel flying around the world

u may be a shooting star my only wish

and by the tears of God’s ocean
my precious melancholy is swimming away

oh my handsome prince

can u see?

i have loved u all my life


i’m climbing a rainbow so i can be right by ur side
i’m sitting on the grey moon and pray for u
i’m writing down my soul in the beach sand telling u i’m with u always

in a fairy tale land
love has echoes our names in the African winds
i have only knew there is fate that has brought us together

if i ever look into ur brown eyes
i will see u love me too

wonder if the beauty of the morning will come
cos that’s when ur the first thing on my mind
oh that’s how i start my day


i’m still climbing a rainbow only to be that close to u
i’m still whispering the solitude away from me
i’m still feeling u near my body though u ain’t here in my room

to have ur hands on mine
to hear bittersweet nothings from ur tongue and say u mean it
then i’ll be real complete

copyright ©2005 kai croft


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