My Heart Smiles

My Heart Smiles

I see u
Lighten up my days

For the third in a blue moment
I just need u to hold me

Cos sometimes I feel so alone
And nobody don’t seem to care

Strangers walk on by
Like the golden sun ain’t shining for me

Just cos
They have no love in their blue jean pockets
Just the money that can expand their grinded minds

But u
U makes things better than anyone else

Simple things u do for me
Is from ur sweet soul

Oh ur my angel

Can u see?

The cloudy skies has become so clear
Life is just another piece of the beautiful horizon

When I feel ur will carrying my tears
I’m gonna give u a thousand gratitudes

As my heart smiles
I know ur here with me

copyright ©2005 kai croft


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abriacroft said...

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