Look at u

Look at u
Ur so fine
I must have notice the way u walk
I want u
But u don’t want me

So that’s ok
Cos im chilling
Just chilling
As u may see

I pretend I don’t even care for u
Though in my heart
I do

And u never know how I feel inside
What’s going with my soul?
The emptiness fills up too much

My tears won’t show the love u turn down
Yet u have seen all the melancholy in my dark brown eyes

Even though
Im chilling away
And act like u never existence

Im still a romantic fool

Who deserves better ….

Better than what u have given me

U given me the cold shoulder
And u ran away from me


I realize
U don’t even care for me at all

So what do I do?
I just try to be cool
And act like the pain doesn’t hurt

Pretending im too strong
But my weakness is flowing
oh could u be so naïve?
How dare u ?
U broke the pieces of my heart

But u know what?
Its over

I m just still chilling

Look at u
Now I disgust myself

Only cos

U don’t want me anyways


Bye bye

My heartbreaker……………..

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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