im always feeling u

i'm always feeling u

i'm always feeling u
u here with me
and i never knew why
ur not there
so why am i still getting those butterflies inside?

this feeling is very warm
but i can't stand a chance to be with u
cos ur not mine
ur not my keeper

oh i should be over u
over u right now
though i keep running back to u

i'm just lost
ur coming near
oh stop me stop u
we must go to the different road
we must go to a place where we cannot see ourselves

cos i'm no longer take it anymore
i rather stay alone
than being with u
ur only a friend

a friend who just walk on by
and i'm just a lady who smiles
we both know we are strangers

oh we never know our lives are drenching a thousand miles
for us we can never be together
and the reason why i said this
cos i'm afraid of another heartache

i'm very afraid of another heartache
heartaches came and ruin my life
they messed up things that i've always wanted

oh i don't want them anymore
i don't want them at my doorway anymore

i prayed that this cozy emotion will go away
it lingers my heart every single day
wonder why u come around me
like a moment when i blush
u notice my inner being

u should leave me
u should kiss me precious goodbyes
and go on ur way

don't even bother to stay with me
please don't even bother to stay
ur words are sweeter enough for only one time

i wanna let u goi wanna let all the butterflies fly away from me
cos i'm feeling like my heart is about to break

cos i will keep my promise for not letting my tears poured from my dark brown eyes

yet i'm always feeling u
i'm always feeling u forever

copyright©2006 kai croft

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