why are u running for

why are u running for?

why are u running for?
there ain't no place to go
just the home ur running towards to

u left a million miles down the one way street
i know u went to the southern blue sky
oh u went back home again

life's so busy
and u had to get out of the crazy mess

ur trying to find urself in another place
u never knew who u are
thought ur world is mistaken ur heart brings the choas


ur running away running away my friend
why are u running for?
why are u running from the lover's sun?

tell me why,

i can hear ur voice in the air
i can see ur feet stepping on the highway

tears are dissolving upon ur complexion
emptiness is tumbling in ur hands
ur not free ur in the cold chains

oh u shouldn't run
u should walk
cos u need to clear ur overwhelm head

ur battling thoughts
they are coming after u
ur fighting emotions
they just breaking u down


u wanna pick up the pieces of ur broken heart
and every piece that u need to put urself back together

there will be no running anymore
its time for u to walk
with a smile on ur face

copyright © 2006 kai croft

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