all the angels are flying around me

all the angels are flying around me

i knew love has died in my brown hands
tears poured on the solid ground
for that moment, u have walked out of my heart
now i'm bleeding before those unspoken words

brilliant darkness lingers in my room
its calling my name
oh i tried to ignore the heartache sound
but there's no use

cos i let the pain get to me
i let ur presence visit me
only like a precious ghost

so i lied down on my bed
closing my eyes and pray

i pray for u to come home with me
i've missed u so
life ain't the same without u here by my side
boy everything got messed up suddenly i'm falling into broken pieces

and yet

still light above the black sky
oh a thousand lights above the black sky
coming down to earth and accompany my poor soul

yes God's most beautiful creatures in the kingdom

all the angels are flying around me
above my head

i began to smile
began to feel whole again

cos love is brand new
and i'm taken away to another place
where my heart's beating forevermore

then suddenly

i went back to heaven
but without u....................

i learned to say goodbye

goodbye my loveliness pain
goodbye my gorgeous tears
goodbye my only u..................

copyright © 2006 kai croft

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