butterfly valley

butterfly valley

a garden of grass
flowers with spirit
jumping toads in spring
rainbow meadow
on a mountain hill
a sunlight gaze upon the sky
oh all i see u and me hand in hand
walkdng down to a pathway where the butterfly valley opens for our hearts to come in
to taste the heaven on our foreign tongues and we spoke sweet words
sing like all angels

in this lover's house
silhouettes strumming along in each room
fills with warmth of desire
and all the butterflies have captured me in the name of love

somehow i met ur brown eyes u met mine
i guess we found what we wanted
oh paradise has our name written in the summer breeze

i could hear ithe wind calling on os
sounds like african spirits dancing
rain tapping on a harmony drum
and we shall be climbing on the treetops
where our souls disguise from the distance of each other

only cos i'm too coy to face u...

coyright ©2006 kai croft

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