grasshopper's house

grasshopper's house

jumping over the each room
for the sun to shine in
green leaves covers the sticks
oh tiny windows are made up of clear paper

a heart door opens
the rooftops are fill with patrick clovers
it doesn't have a golden chimney

this is a grasshopper's house

it stands still
it stands tall

and when  the wind blows,
the house clasps
and when the rain falls
it would be flooded

somehow all the grasshoppers would could come together
mending everything as they can

they all work to the day and every midnight

hoping over the
little hills
little meadows
littlle mountaintops


saw them dancing around the fire
saw them praying in the stars
oh saw them jumping over the flowers

and now

this time they build a castle for a new queen in town
     she's royal and rich
     but her soul 's empty oh so unhappy
she's looking for love--

then one day
she met a charming knight who just eventually flies in the sky
and fell in love immediately

she gave up the royality just to be with him

oh together

they found a sweet warm home
fill with green green grass


this is the grasshopper's house

never clasps
never falls
its just right


Copyright ©2006 kai croft

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