i like love

i like love

i like love
i like love cos it gets me by
i like love when my heart recognize the joy
i like love by seeing through someone's eyes

but each time i began to love
my soul has end up torn
and its not right for me to fall on the solid ground
cos of the fact that cupid has passed me by

so i sit alone
without a red rose
as my usual,
i just write another romantic poem
and be on my way to the stars and the moon

i know i should be bless with thousand and thousand of beautiful friendships

but sometime i do get lonely
i get lonely on valentine's day
i have no someone's special to celebrate with
and people like me have this kind of sad feeling

so i'm not the only one here

i've only wish
i've only pray
fate will come along and open the door

yet i believe that special person will be mine
theres no doubt in my mind for that person will be the one

i have faith in love
oh love has faith in me

i can never give up
i can never discriminate the encouragement to let myself love and be loved
i have continue to love myself and honor myself for whatever happens

but do i need to love myself more
or am i still that young to know anything about love?

i learned to love from everybody
from the things i do
from being myself

maybe i'm still not ready for true love
and true love's not ready for me either
in all of despite my overwhelming has given the million clouds
for i must bring little tears

somehow i've been waiting been searching for the right person who can makes my heart sings

i like love
i like love just cos its beautiful
it gives silence it gives too many words

like an angel with open wings
like a precious light that shines

i never thought love has its own myterious ways for many ancient years  

copyright © 2006 kai croft    

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