-that's what i heard
-that's the sound that haunts in the night

i may wonder those golden green eyes
facing the gray full moon
yet it has big wings but didn't fly high

cos its hidden in the dark trees

i say,

"darn owl darn owl
shut up i'm trying to sleep here
whats the matter with u?"

so the owl was like "ooo"

well i close my window
and then i went back to sleep


i still hear the owl


oh i say,

"go away
leave me alone
don't u see i'm trying to dream"

that darn owl

it won't shut up

so do u know what i did?

well i tell u
i open my window
i sing my heart out

(i can't sing)

with my gorillla voice
i sang the famous love song

and scare the crap of that owl
away to the farthest mile
oh i laughed so hard tears of joy pouring out of me

yet i woke the whole neighborhood up
and they say

"miss lady
its only 12 midnight
why do u have to sing in the middle of the darkest morning?

i replied,

"well the owl was bothering me
so i have to tell its to be silent
cos i can't sleep"

the old ladies and precious men
they all shake their heads
with their one fingers on the mouths

"shhh" they all said

i was like "i'm so sorry"

and so i went back to my own sweet dreaming--

the owl never came back
never came back and make a melancholy sound to my ears

ever again!

Copyright ©2006 kai croft

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