a drip poem

a drip poem

from word to word
in each poetic verse
i feel my voice
outstanding as
u can read it

a line of newborn image
tasting it on my tongue
there's nothing better than

spilling my soul onto the blank page


its like water
capturing the pain
let it drown
so i could swim upon the frozen river
yet i pull myself onto the grass
dry my faith under the sun

oh i look at the pink sky
oh i see u
i'm feeling ur thoughts tickling my skin

and somehow u took my hand and we ran away

u said love is on the road
i said my beating heart's in the rain
writing a poem on the wet ground
as dew makes the silent african music

oh u can hear it my love
i knew u would
feeling my soul in ur gorgeous hands
while i spoke to u like a
a drip poem
a soft drip poem

making u feel my tears my blood my veins
making u sink into my poetry heart
as i travel through ur inner being
Copyright ©2006 kai croft

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