i'm sitting on the wheelchair
     a motorize wheelchair
oh i l like to drive it
only speeding down the hall
somehow i should get a ticket for a speeding limit     or  wreck less driving

then i asked the officer
     for a speeding ticket
oh do u know what e says to me?

he said, "i can't give u a ticket
inside the school building . only for the road..."

i laughed-

     this wheelchair     
     this motorize wheelchair
its always part of me
     makes me even more independent

u see,
what's like to be in a wheelchair
     for 21 years?

well i only wish i can walk
just like everyone else

as i became an adult
i soon to realize that  
my disability is not one of the concerns
when when people look at me and smile
they know i'm just a human being
     like all other humans

but when other people stares
i ignore those evil eyes

sometimes when the child stares
i said hi
and the child ran away or
     or turn its head the

i'm not threatened
     i'm just one of those God's creatures
those wonderful creatures
     who light up in every each room


i'm so bless
     i'm so lucky
to be here on this beautiful earth
          oh everyone loves me
and i love them

i also love my wheelchair
     my motorize wheelchair
copyright ©2006 kai croft


Anonymous said...

you go girl your just a human being

Rhiannon said...

You are such an enlightened "old soul"...this is beautiful..thanks for sharing.

Angel Blessings,