im originally from

i'm originally from..

i'm  originally from new york, the city never ever sleeps
where the taxis & time squares & tall buildings
they never leave all the lighs into the dark of nights

oh so that's where i'm originally from
new york

the bronx, new york

where the people get to the train station to work
or go to the big bus to reach manhattan

there's too many highways
those long long bridges that touches the skies

& big ghetto apartments goes along the different avenue streets
i've seen little girls playing double dutch
boys were playing the basketball

&for rest of the grown folks
men sat at the table in the sun
play the 52 deck of cards &
women just always gossip

& i passed them by.........

Harlem where the poet langston hughes lived
the twin towers before 9/11
& empire state building
even beautiful churches

& i passed them by too

cos that's where i'm originally from
new york
the brox
i'm a city girl
with that city accent

& nobody didn't passed  me by
only my reflections & the clouds in the sky
they knew me well enough to know my heart

cos i never forget where i'm originally from

the suburbs
& the roots of my childhood

i'm originally from

copyright ©2006 kai croft


Anonymous said...

I love this one, Kai! And I love New York.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have, Kai, and I write about it often.:)

Where do you like to travel?

Christine Klocek-Lim said...

Kai, this poem sounds like a song to me. I can imagine it being chanted or sung.

polona said...

i like this one very much, kai!

Carol said...

Yes, it is beautifully done.