I'm sleepy

I’m sleepy

I’m sleepy
but I gave myself a 5 min nap-
I’m sleep
Cos maybe I need to dream more or finish the dream
Yet I don’t know

My body is tired
My words are fading
And I yawn, and I yawn –

When I tried to go sleep,
I kept waking up-

So I don’t get really frustrating
I just lied there and think of nothing
Or think of many sweet thoughts

When I‘m not sleepy,
I went off into space
Seeing myself as young handsome man’s lady

Oh he would take me in his arms and
We would walk down the green grass at the park-


I saw myself smiling at him
I knew I fell in love
But fell in love is just a hallucination-

I usually play music on my ipod when I’m not sleepy-
Dancing, singing, or
I usually write poems when I tried to stay awake
And I don’t let my own words slipped away—

I’m still sleepy
My bones, my tears, my veins
I used up all the weight of my own energy-

I should go to bed early
But I always want to do something during the evening

Like updating my blog
Reading poetry on net
Chatting with my friends
Writing my thoughts

Simple things that keep me occupy—

I’m sleepy
Just sleepy
And that I slowly blink my eyes
Copyright ©2006 kai croft

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