love in the pathway, upon the rain falls

love in the pathway
upon the rain falls

riding along with my hands closed together
i look at those lovers over there arm in arm
talking away with words i don't even know
but the fog wind swiftly blow around them
like dancing upon another new daylight

oh if i must ask how long they been together
maybe they been in love for like 3 years or so
i bet they're still in love

one young man one young lady
walking in the shadow of beautiful spring trees
while its still raining

oh they play underneath the heaven clouds
dancing away with their own melody
and yet i wonder if they are waiting for the rainbow to shine upon their complexion

cos its a stormy day everything went gray
even my thoughts even my heart
i spoke of sweet sadness
but i tried to stroll away from them

if i get too close
i'd still keep wishing

keep wishing thers

love's on the pathwayy
upon the rain fallls

where the angels pour the dusk water from the starry silver skies
where i meet the man of my dreams down in the utopia lane
oh he calls for me i call for him

our hearts will belong together soon
right now i'm drowning in the wishing well
he might be in the dreaming fountain

and we shall stop chasing the fairy tales
stop chasing the fantasies that we never belong
cos of the reality, the reality affects us our souls--

ah precious lovers they are still there
holding hands, only passed me by--
as i took my solitude with me
and i speed up to the crowd of the different strangers

not to look at them anymore
cos deep inside my soul
i feel sad--
copyright ©2006 kai croft

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