monday evening storm

monday evening storm

corner of my eye,I see
a thousand blinks of lightening
the drummiing sound I didn't woke up
i woke up by myself from a nap
from an un dream
a storm it never fear me
I am brave
rainshowers trembling down to my glass prism window
as I still feel my tired body's longing for sleep tonight

oh I'm waiting for my mother to come
home & watching these
monday evening storm

carrying along with the strange music that blows the drunk winds into the dark white sky

those thunder clouds gathering to bring the anger to disturb the earth

yet I myself, learned the mystery of the tan sky
will bring such rainbow such a sweet rainbow

& suddenly my mother took me downstairs, open the front door
we saw it over the brick town house
after the spring rain, the rainbow kisses the tan clouds

the colors, they were stolen

it was beautiful.......

copyright ©2006 kai croft

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