in the flower bushes
blooming away upon the sunny skies
where pretty larks chirps the same ol' song

oh breezy oh sweet breezy
i wanna dance & smile
maybe u should hold my hand
& run a thousand hills

cos i love u so
& i'd run a thousand hills

on the fields while autumn leaves twirl
like a cute tornado going 'round & round
high into those sunny skies

& oh spring aww that wonderful spring
i wanna sleep & feel u near me
there ain't no better than butterflies
the lovely feeling of butterflies

make me fly
make me castaway

over the calm meadows
over the sketching milky way

can u see?
in ur painting mind,
i'm only outside
waiting for u---

Copyright ©2006 kai croft


Anonymous said...

Hey Kai, I see you're writing a lot of love poems lately.:)

bittersweet said...

i feel happy just reading this :D

thank you, i found your kind comments on my site ;) sorry about the delay, i was away... yes... happy (belated) poetry month!

Poetry by Kai said...

ya i got the love bug for no reason...