to my sweet sweet love

The Kiss
by Gustav Klimt
ah sweet lovers, they are beautiful!
& here i am introducing into this another love poem i just wrote a few
moments ago.
it is called to my sweet sweet love
& it's about this man asked this young lady for marriage
but she sort of let him down because she's at the stage where
she's trying to accomplish her goals for herself first...
though she falls in love way too quickly....

to my sweet sweet love

u said
we should get marry
i forbid myself
i'm so young
to marry u

u love me
& i was so happy
to be falling in love

oh why dear us?
we shall wait
for long
the destiny
the choice
actually u should wait for me

cos like i say
i'm stil young
not ready
for this
kind of

think of a beautiful rush
like the perfect waves on a ocean

oh can u see, my love?
u are the perfect waves
i'm like a long night
just slowly waiting for more stars to shoot across the crystal sky
just cos
i gotta make another thousand wishes
to slip off my tongue

weeping along to the precious winds

oh to my sweet sweet love

please understand me
please understand my heart
don't u realize we fall way too fast,
not knowing who we are?-

i told u to
find me
any places
i long
precious poetry

if u read my own poetic words
those words are meant to be true
meant to be how i really feel

especially this love poem
it's for u, my dear

copyrght ©2006 kai croft

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