my new black ballets

my new black ballets

overwhelm by spirits as
i watch my toes disguise from
youth of night heat oh since
music always appears on
i've been dancing except
my body cos i feel my soul is quick motion
to the rhythm just a a soft core melody

now my feet is in my new black ballet
comfortable made me feel damn beautiful
my own self

i'm at my room with only light on
space and paces between the sips of my hot cocoa
i ain't falling yet my skin have never been in pain
im a ghetto fabulous well my heart is always wounded
oh the jealousy is my enemy yeah tears are my friend
only cos i felt my handsome man whom i sure really adore
had walked away from me to another lady lord i'm sad

my new black ballet is still on my feet
i face down to roll on & be grounded
all i want is my handsome man to stay with me only me

mirror against my precious law
i drink my words in just let it out
torn up the pieces of paper lying there on the floor
crumble with sorrows since i went away

copyright ©2005 kai croft     

I wrote this last year……..


Aurora said...

i drink my words in

This is a great line, Kai.

Aurora said...

Hey, YOU, what luncheon?:)

Maddy said...

smoldering and yearning
damm jealousy -
it torments me as well!