i like
to type write
poetry in the dark
cos my laptop gave me
such a sweet light
reflecting over my eyes

i also like
to dance in the
dark & when i dance in the
dark, i am so happy

completely free
copyright ©2006 kai croft


ufukhati said...

I love darkness sometimes. You better try to sleeping in the dark.
It is amazing.

May I translate the 2nd stanza of your poem into Malay language. It reads :
"i also like (aku suka juga)
to dance in the dark (menari
dalam gelap)
& when i dance in the dark
(& bila aku menari dalam
i am so happy (aku cukup

[ like : suka
dance : menari
dark : gelap
happy : riang/gembira ]

Pat Paulk said...

How do you follow a wonderful comment like that? Love it!!

Don Iannone said...

Neat! There is a light in the darkness we can see without eyes.