every moon at night


every moon at night
its all mine
cos the moon comes at my window

& it reminds me of u-----

also in my dreams
i see u
sitting with me
on a hill
watching the stars stand brightly
in the velvet sky

with ur arms wrapping around me
there will be  butterflies
battling everywhere inside

i could feel u
always near---

& every moon at night
lightly naked
kissing my eyes

while the breeze wistfully slap my brows

oh it made me also think of u
copyright ©2006 kai croft



Anonymous said...

Love all these hearts here.:)

polona said...


Known Stranger said...

Every moon at night
Stares at me
If it could win over me
In vain it goes into shadow
as you in my eyes
glares the night
with smile and love..
how could I miss thinking you
even a nano second.

I need no thinking of you
and no need of breeze to
think you
when did i miss you..
you are me
i am you.