a relaxing day

lying on
my bed & thinking of nothing
but lazy drifts over me
like a nice summer breeze

took a long stroll with my mom
this morning
& disappointment came along
with us----

after we came home
i fell asleep
for a couple of hours

it was just nothing
but a relaxing day------
copyright ©2006 kai croft


ufukhati said...


May I translate some words in your poetry in Malay (formal language for Malaysian).

lying - sedang baring
on - di atas
my - saya
bed - katil

breeze - bayu
mom - mak / ibu
morning - pagi
we - kami
i (I) - saya / aku
relaxing- santai
day - hari

[Ebven I can translate the whole poem in Malay.]

Happy poeming Kai.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your day was relaxing, but wish there was never any disappointment in it. Good poem, Kai, and I love your slideshows!:)