this is what i want

this is what i want
i want u
i want ur heart
thats all

to be happy with u
i'd race for a dozen milles
only to hold ur hand

please let us
take a look at the sky
& we can throw the pieces
of our hearts

at those drifting clouds where
they bring rain for sweet love
to float in

every little kiss.......

oh this is what i want
i want us
u & me

deepening stretches
over my soul like
one milky way of emotions

no wishing upon a star
not speaking to the moon
just dreaming of u

i fade into the colors
of ur eyes
u see me in
wonder, wandering


pretty butterflies


this is what i want

i want love---
copyright ©2006 kai croft

this slideshow is very romantic & its all about love........


Don Iannone said...

Beautiful Kai! The slideshow was touching, as were the words of your poem.

The love overflows your being...doesn't it? You can't contain the love within you. That's why you write poetry. That's special and wonderful.

Blessings from one poetic spirit to another.

polona said...

kai, your power point presentations beautifully complement your poetry!

Anonymous said...

kai, your poetry is amazing. alot of thought and feeling goes into it, and it impacts you when you read it. your whole blog is beautiful.