titanic kiss

titanic kiss

titanic kiss
like the one
in a movie
with jack & rose
when they're standing
at a ship balcony

fly above the sea
while the sun's setting in

oh they kiss

& i happen to wish
for that sweet kiss
that sweet kiss
between u & me

i also wish
for their love
its strong &

i wanna be
like one of them
in real life

but its hard
to find that
kind of love

its everywhere
in hidden places
i just have
to look
really hard

jack & roxe,
their spirit s beautiful

even though
it's just a movie
copyright ©2006 kai croft


Pat Paulk said...

"it's everywhere in hidden places" is a beautiful line Kai!! Very good poem!!

samuru999 said...

Very nice!
I agree that"it's everywhere in
hidden places" is a a beautiful