Today was a day

Today was a day
I am bringing
A few pictures of me
Wearing an orangey rose dress
& give it to my friends

During the time in that photo,
I was at this formal dance
& everybody were there
having a greatest time

I told myself
That I looked so hot
& felt really beautiful
copyright ©2006 kai croft


steve said...

Very beautiful, Kai!

Jon Cox said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!! :o)
I love that picture!

ufukhati said...

Everything is fine. Sun rises as usual.

Carol said...

That you are, Kai!
Is that a tiara?

Pat Paulk said...

You're a very beautiful young lady!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Kai! And I love that dress.:)

Don Iannone said...

Lovely, and you are! A cause for celebration.

floots said...

a princess
wearing a tiara
(and crowned with a smile)

polona said...

beautiful, kai!

Known Stranger said...

In those moments
of dance
the fire glore
in music
that erupt from
me - i was hot