when u first met me

when u first met me u saw a photo of a puppy
with big thick glasses
u said awwww
& i think it was during the holidays

i told u a little bit about myself
told u what i am & how i am
as far as u took a journey to my own path

we were talking up
the storm like we known each other
a thousand many

oh u were a hill billy
& i am a poet
we are different-----
different personality

u like to talk
sexy sweet things to me
& i turned completely red

i feel the attraction & butterflies
every time
we come together

peanut butter & jelly sandwich----
on a plate
eating our conversations
during the hazy evening

wanna thank u
for being here
with me

as i gave a glimpse of ur
standing wth ur naked skin
& i got burn

from ur mistakes,
       ur fantasies,
     ur hopes
           ur reality

& u told me u make love
     not just a one nightstand
i believe u

when u first met me,
i knew i have a thing with u
copyright ©2006 kai croft


Aurora said...

I love these two lines:

eating our conversations
during the hazy evening

Shane said...

good stuff