love is wicked
fashionably new
when i think of u

curl up in my sleep
i dream & felt u
near me


& its wicked

sweetly wicked


those butterflies
flew off
& now i'm flying

above the sky
with romantic flocks
oh they could take me
to paradise, my home

most times
u can be wicked
cos of the way u took my hand
& gave me that smile i adore

oh indeed

i tell u

love is wicked
to me
oh so fashionably new
copyright ©2006 kai croft

1 comment:

Known Stranger said...

Love is certainly wicked that it makes you twinkle when least expected to allow us in the control of others emotions. Love is wicked and more the wicked is the thought of the loved ones loosing our own thoughts.

Love is so wicked but needed as this wicked is lovable.