a bittersweet memory of those butterflies

a bittersweet memory of those butterflies

i remember the moments
when ur real close
to me & ur smile ur eyes
the way u held my hand
oh u used to drove me crazy

i must have fell in love
with u
cos each day i saw u
i was so red...

& i remember
those butterflies
they lift me high
every time u give me joy

oh how i miss u so.....
copyright ©2006 kai croft


Don Iannone said...

And so, it sounds as though Kai turned into a poetic butterfly. How wonderful.

Poetry by Kai said...

thanks.... i am a poetic butterfly..

samuru999 said...

Sweet poem Kai.

polona said...

you really love butterflies, don't you... sweet.

Anonymous said...

My Dad's nickname for me was "Butterfly".:)

starry nights said...

I love butterflies too.

Abdullah Fathyn said...

As you claps the wings to ryme
My hearts go smile in time
Yet when you said me bye
Its hard to hold the cry

Amalendu said...

Hai Kai.. this one was so nice. Suddenly I remembered that day when these butterflies loved me....I had to rush to the doctor to avoid any untoward....
I laughed to myself when your poem was like a background music soothing me...