yesterday i plant
some flowers that
almost blooming
to sunshine

i watched
the green stems were standing
in the little wondrous breeze
along the grass

my friend dig
a big hole
& suddenly
tiny bugs scattered
everywhere in
the dirt (not that many)

she plants
some flowers
& i helped buring
the roots

i look at them
& said "it's so lovely"

as i was done,
my dress were filled
with little bit of
leftover grass & brown dirt---
©2006 kai croft


Anonymous said...

I love this one, Kai, especially the ending!

Poetry by Kai said...

hi aa

thank u....

Don Iannone said...

I agree with Aurora. I also enjoyed the ending. I could picture that. Hey and nice new picture of you!

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u don

polona said...

hey, that's very nice, and so is the previous poem.
like your new profile pic!