dear cute boy,

dear cute boy,     4-24-02

Why are you around me
like a shooting star?
I guess because u have walked
a trillion miles.
As u wave at me
while i am sitting there
and completely blush.
I want to hold your hand
but I'm afraid to ask.
You are so sweet.
You are so warm.
when i sat on
the crystal moon.

©2002 kai croft

i wrote this in 2002.it was a creative writing assignment when my teacher asked me to  write a letter to someone or a thing.
& this is what i come up with. dear cute boy was my letter. at the time, i had a secret crush on a guy in my class. basically this poem was about
him. i didn't mean to. but he was the sweetest guy I’ve ever known.


starry nights said...

This is such a cute poem Kai.straight rom your heart.

Borut said...


Jon Cox said...

Awwwww!!!! That is absolutely beautiful! :o) Wonderful work!

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u

ardi k said...

Your talent amazes me.

Poetry by Kai said...

thanks ardi

Aurora said...

Nice one.:)

polona said...

i love this one!

samuru999 said...

very sweet Kai.