i want to share this post with you...it's called what makes u happy. After you read this post..
leave a coment of what makes u happy... this is fun....
well enjoy!

& thanks for the brighter smiles!


V N said...

being at ease with myself makes me happy.


Poetry by Kai said...


samuru999 said...

What makes me happy?

The one thing that makes me the
most happy is looking deep into
my most inner being and knowing
that I can always depend upon
that inner being to get me
through anything life has to
I am just happy being me!

Of-course there are many other
things that make me happy ....
family, friends, nature...
and much more.

But, if I am not happy with
myself, I find I am not able to
appreciate all those other things.

Poetry by Kai said...


Carol said...

I left my comment at your other site, Kai.