little horses

little horses

gallop on a long road
i took a ride
when i was a little girl

i remember
in new york
there were some
beautiful horses

gathering at a
farm where they linger
a dirty smell

oh little horses
i took a ride
like a cowgirl

& all i need is a cowgirl boots
a cowgirl hat

yet i would say "howdy ya'll"

indeed, i gallop
the journey along
with my moments

those little horses
i just gallop
only like a cowgirl
inside my heart
copyright ©2006 kai croft


starry nights said...

Beautiful Kai. i like horses too. such graceful animals.

polona said...

beautiful animals, the horses!

no sweets today? :)
(not that i'm hungry... just came from a picnic with some friends... it's late here, soi'll just go to bed)

Poetry by Kai said...

thanks guys

polona- u just want something sweet
for dessert..

Don Iannone said...

Kai...lovely, and I can imagine that you do gallop in your heart.

I like the new picture too. Lovely!

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u don