short poems by kai

a white church

a white church
was built on a large planation
with a cross of jesus christ---
a wedding ceremony

it was so beautiful
so beautiful, i only cried
like a love story---


lightning twist of fire
burning in sweet glow
ah beautiful candles---

i must say
those butterflies flew out of the
bouquets &
they dance into the mist of air---
copyright ©2006 kai croft


polona said...

nice - were these inspired by the wedding?

starry nights said...

beautiful. nice flowers, candles and butterflies at a wedding.

Poetry by Kai said...

polona-thank u
i was very inspired by the wedding

starry nights- thank u as always

Ahmed Waheed said...

I like you poems

samuru999 said...

very nice poems, sweetie.
Hope you do not mind being called
sweetie... as you are a sweetheart!
And you write sweet poems.
Enjoy July 4th.
Any special plans?

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u guys

ufukhati said...


No matter which door you enter,
LIFE is so beautiful.

Poetry by Kai said...


lil _kath said...

..hey sweetie ^_^ thanx for droppin' by on my blog.

..u have loads of nice poems here huh..that's coool!

..take care and happy 4th!
..hope to see u around!


Poetry by Kai said...

ur welcome...& thank u....

Don Iannone said...

Seems you found beauty in this day. How lovely. Blessings.

Suresh Gupta said...

Your poems are very nice. I love to read them again and again.

kandykane said...

a little blurred, but nice

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u guys