untitled love poem (def)

who he is or what he had become
he still the same to me
cos i knew his heart
its beating for me as
i stroll in his eyes & touch his hand

but i'm in his dream
i'm allow to kiss him at night
while he slept in bed like an angel

somehow i weeply sigh
& went into his sleep
he saw me
had his arms around my belly
whispering to my ears

"baby soon one day
i will meet u for real
& hold u like this
kissing u a thousand times
cos my love for u
is rear & strong

but now
the spirit of
ur beautiful presence lingers
me everyhere i go
like i felt u near
yet u never there

so i carry u in my thoughts
in my heart
falling deeply
& i must see u
must see ur smile
right away---"

he take a look
at my dark brown eyes
& kiss me softly on my lips

i blush
my tears were soaking
me like rain

oh i kiss him back


i fade away

back to my spirit
he tried to chase me
but i disappear

he finally woke up
there was no me
just himself
in his bedroom
©2006 kai croft


Don Iannone said...

Such an epic adventure of love and life...very nice Kai.

I like this:

"I blush
my tears were soaking
me like rain"

So pure Kai.

samuru999 said...

very touching!
I really enjoyed this poem!

Poetry by Kai said...


starry nights said...

true love Kai.nice poem.

Jon Cox said...