My day sucks

My day sucks

My day sucks
There’s pressure
Feel like
My eyes are filled
With water
So much drama
Around me
Like a drop bomb

Oh it turned to stress
So miss out of place
& I missed my chair
©2006 kai croft


Pat Paulk said...

When I have a really bad day. I think of all the things I have no one can take away. One is my poetry. I can share it if I want, but I don't have to. It's mine. And, you have yours, and I'm glad you decide to share it, even if it's about a really bad day. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

And sweet Kai, there's always tomorrow, right?

Good poem!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks for sharing your poem about how you really feel. There is nothing more important than honesty and love, and Kai, you have them both. Blessings!

Poetry by Kai said...

thanks guys

samuru999 said...

So sorry about the bad day!
I am here a day later!
Hope today is much brighter!
You have the sunshine within your heart... If nothing else!
Good poem though!
Take care and smile!

Carol said...

Beautiful poem, Kai.