Moms are wonderful

Moms are wonderful
Cos there are
No matter what
They are part of us
& we’re part of them
Nobody can say
Most of us
Are lucky us
To look deep
Into their eyes to know
What kind of mothers
Are they in their
Inner skin
Well as
Daughters & sons
Like us
Know what exactly
Who those women are
To us
A best friend
A queen
A goddess
We know in
Our hearts
Our blood
Moms are wonderful
They raised us to be a
Better person & helps
Us prepare for the
Real world
Even though
Its hard for them
To let us go
They spoils us
They baby us
They loves us as
Much we love them------

©2006 kai croft


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Kai.:)

Pecos Blue said...

wait til you are a mom and are having those feelings it will blow you away.

Jon Cox said...

This is INCREDIBLE!!!! Beautiful work as always! Thank you so much for stopping by my friend! :o)