One thing

One thing

One thing
I know pain
Comes accompanying

When ur not
In my room
To love me

Oh I dream of
U here on
My bed

Ur warm embrace
Cradling me sweetly
While I ask about
Ur day

One thing
I saw my lonely shadow
On the ground
Thinking away in my heart

I wonder
If u know
One thing

One thing is that I miss u
©2006 kai croft


samuru999 said...

very sweet n sad too!
I like it very much!

Aurora said...

This is so sad. But you've expressed it all so well.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very sad! Kai, what I meant about the video is that I can't see it and all I see on my screen is a big "?" What format did you use to get the video? What website is it from?

Jon Cox said...

Very sad but I like it!

floots said...

i agree with aurora