Sweet hands

Sweet hands

Sweet hands
Expand a soul
That makes wholeness
When thy fingertips
Still walking on soft skin

Realizing one simple touch
Could make love
Last a lifetime…….
©2006 kai croft


Jon Cox said...

VERY BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS!!!! :o) Thank you so much for stopping by! I really like it too! :o)

Jon Cox said...

Hey Buddy!!! Haha, O I know! It looks like I ran out but I'm trying to think of more. Also, one of my Blog friends, Michael, I was talking to him the other day and he said I should show what I look like so I took a picture looking bored and as if I'm saying "Alright fine...here Iam I guess!" :oP Thank you again! I love this poem too by the way! :oD

samuru999 said...

Love it Kai!

peter said...

Very good