Walking on a nice day

Walking on a nice day

Walking on a nice day
A beautiful weather out
Me & my mom
Smiling happily
As we stroll down
From our home
Into afternoon sunlight
Burning shining
All the way
Walking on a nice autumn day
I spotted a brown leaf
On the ground
& its all alone
If it goes in the wind
Yet I went down hill
Rolling towards the shades
Of shadow
Indeed I passed a brown leaf
& went to the store
Knowing it’s a beautiful day
Hear the bells at a church
From my window
Didn’t hear the birds in trees
My heart’s walking on a nice day
Almost like spring to me
But the days like this, I have come too soon
To catch every breath
Of little chills
From this season
©2006 Kai Croft


samuru999 said...

Wonderful kai!
What a nice poem!

Pat Paulk said...

You're on a roll Kai!! Very good!!

kathy said...

Beautiful! :)

Aurora said...

This is a good one, Kai! :)

Was it before, or after this walk, that you saw the hot guy?:)