Celebrity Crush

Celebrity Crush

I know for a fact that I have too many celebrity crushes for so long. It is  really crazy yet I don’t even know them in person. But luckily I have sweet fantasies that makes my life easy. Right now I have a crush on the guy from98 degrees, He’s  on Solo now. I wasn’t a biggest fan of his. I just thought he’s cute and can really sing. I like his music too. Though I never went & busy his album. I never thought that I have crush on him but I actually  have a feeling. Even I don’t know him personally. I think to me, it’s a little rude to have a crush on a celebrity if you don’t know them personally… I know it doesn’t matter. Its just my opinion. People have a lot of celebrity crushes, especially teenagers.


In my fantasy
He sweetly lulls me
Into his arms
©2006 Kai Croft


Anonymous said...

Hey Kai, interesting topic!:)

This reminds me of the discussion you and I had, about whether or not the guys from Ok Go, or Apartment, were the hottest. Wonder who Margie thinks is hottest?

Poetry by Kai said...


what if he reads my blog?

samuru999 said...

Hi Kai
I like your haiku...
Aurora....don't know which of those guys are the hotest!
I have a bit of a celebrity crush
on Patrick Dempsey! (he's on the TV
show Grey's Anatomy....Dr McDreamy !
He's Hot!

Anonymous said...

Margie, so many of the women I work with have his picture as their screen saver! :)

Margie, you can see Ok Go here on their videos:


Princss Kai just loves the treadmill video("Here It Goes Again"). I like "Get Over It".

This is Apartment. If you scroll down you can see the video for "My Brother Chris".


samuru999 said...

Thanks Aurora!
And thanks for the pic.of McDreamy!I think I'm in love!!!!
Just don't tell my hubby there is amother man in my life!

Have a wonderful day!
You too Princess Kai!


Poetry by Kai said...

i won't