A floating bubble

A floating bubble

A floating bubble
On air
To turn swiftly
& pop

It’s gone-----
©2006 Kai Croft


trinitystar said...

do not weep for your bubble for it is there fragmented in the air.
I love the simplicity of your poem. Yes, I feel like a floating bubble today. Ready to pop.
hugs for you Kai

samuru999 said...

Love it Kai!


polona said...

that's sweet!
i love your new photo :)

starry nights said...

simple and sweet.love it Kai.

polona said...

thank you, kai :)
he's very cute!


Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Keep writing out your soul the bubbles will float around the world

polona said...

maybe our mutual friend could persuade him to start one ;-)

Pat Paulk said...

Love it Kai!!

Schrodingers cat said...

a bubble..just like the random thoughts in my head