Halloween pt1

Halloween pt.1

Mr. Jack
He asked me out
On a spooky night
Well of course I would love to
Mr. Jack
He was the hottest man
I’ve known
But there’s something
Mysterious about him
I just can’t picture
So I got to know
His presence
Telling me
He lives underground
Where there are flames burning
On air
I keep wondering
What a strange place

Mr. Jack
I don’t know about him
He kind of scary
& a real nut case
We went to
A dark ghoul grave
For ssome reason
He shows me
A cemetery

To my horror
Mr. Jack
Died  in many centuries ago-----

My heart speed
As I stroll faster
Screaming louder

He caught me
And seduce my soul  
With his wicked black eyes

He laugh     
& said

“I love u
Be my pumpkin wife”
©2006 Kai Croft

1 comment:

samuru999 said...

Good one Kai!
love it!
especially the lines...
i love u
be my pumpkin wife.